Saturday, November 18, 2006

WLR Adventure

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We decided to venture to West Little Rock to hang out at Barnes & Noble, where the girls picked out books and I picked up a copy of a magazine that has a couple of my articles in it. Then on to IHOP, where Julia had a Funny Face pancake, Jenna covered herself in ketchup and I managed to leave Jenna's diaper bag. I called and said I'd come get it early next week.

Two exciting things so far today:

- Julia loves listening to Radio Disney. She's tried calling their 1-800 number for weeks trying to get through. We even tried calling one night at 2 a.m. and the line was still busy. Well, today on the way to WLR, she got through! She chatted with the DJ for a second and then a tiny part of their conversation was played on the radio after the commercial break. Definitely made Julia's day.

- On the way home, Jenna got a car nap! Which means she should be in a decent mood this afternoon but ready for bed EARLY. Definitely made MY day.

Reason for my single momness today: Chad has had to travel to Texas to take care of his mom, whose health has suddenly and drastically taken a turn for the worse. So please keep us all in your prayers. And Chad has a new blog now: Please leave him a comment -- it will really cheer him up.

My parents will be here tomorrow, and that will really cheer ME up!


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