Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Rockin'

Chad's mom has been here this week so today we took her to downtown Little Rock. We ate at Sticky Fingerz, where I had their yummy veggie quesadillas, and then we headed over to River Market Books and Gifts, where you can hang out all day looking at books and art. They even had Marie Antoinette action figures ("With Ejector Head!"). I'm really liking downtown LR. When you're used to a place like downtown Houston, a smaller -- but fun -- downtown like LR can be quite relaxing. I'm having visions of dropping Jenna off at MDO some time and spending the day down there.

As soon as I don't have seven deadlines staring me in the face. Like I do right now.

Lately I'm also digging Evanescence, a band that is, incidentally, from Little Rock. Bet they used to play at Sticky Fingerz. That's their picture up there. Amy Lee has an amazing voice, and they ROCK. Go to my myspace to hear a song from their new album.


  • At Fri Oct 27, 07:47:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said…

    I'm glad you're liking LR! IT really has gotten better over the years.

  • At Sat Oct 28, 10:20:00 AM, Blogger Sarah P said…

    Aren't you glad they starting giving assignments again?! I'm working on 3 today. I had to turn down a few this week because of my other jobs that pay less and aren't near as fun, but I guess that's responsibility's charm.
    Anyway, so glad to hear you're writing again!
    PS-There's a little girl in our small group who reminds us so much of Julia. She doesn't know what DNA means yet, but I'm sure she'll come around.

  • At Sat Oct 28, 03:14:00 PM, Blogger Paige Robins said…

    What do you have deadlines on? I thought you weren't going to start doing the newspaper thing again until later. I'm glad you're enjoying Little Rock. We still miss you though!!!

  • At Sun Oct 29, 08:37:00 AM, Blogger Beverly said…



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