Thursday, December 01, 2005

Love of My Life #3

Alan was in my 2nd grade class at Kentwood Elementary in Big Spring, Texas. He was a cute little blond-haired guy with a great smile. One day we sat together at lunch. We had such a fun time that the next day, I made sure I sat by him again. As we walked outside for recess together, he asked, "Do you love me?" I replied, "Yes."

And that was it. We were an official couple. Word spread all over the playground and by the time we went back inside, all the kids were chanting "Deana and Alan sittin' in a tree..." I put my head on my desk and cried.

The novelty of our relationship wore off, though, and the kids left us alone after a while. It was so cool to be boyfriend/girlfriend when no one else in our class had hooked up yet.

I guess after a while, we decided being friends was more natural -- seeing as how we were 7 -- so I told everyone "we got divorced." A few months later, Alan came over to my house with his mom. (My mom was his mom's Avon lady.) We were in my room playing with my Star Wars Death Star Space Station (best Christmas present EVER) when his mom called down the hallway that it was time to go. He hesitated, then leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and ran out the door. So I guess he still loved me.

I moved away in the middle of third grade. On my last day, Alan brought me a teddy bear. I kept it for a long time. He was a sweet boy and a good friend.

I googled Alan and I've found an email address for him. I guess what I want to know is... SHOULD I DO IT???


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