Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey, my cat, and my brother

We had a fun Thanksgiving. We went to my parents' house -- meaning to just spend a couple of hours there -- and wound up spending the night.

Our cat, however, did not have a good Thanksgiving. We keep his litter box in the bathroom, which we keep closed when he's outside to keep Jenna out of there. We forgot to open it before we left. Poor little guy had to make do (pun intended) on Julia's bed.

Brian, my brother, at long last has his own blog. You can also visit his web site here and his jazz trio's web site here.


  • At Fri Nov 25, 04:14:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    I just realized my brother's trio, which is called NeoTrio, is actually a quartet. Hmmm...

  • At Mon Nov 28, 01:22:00 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    No, you're right,
    Neo Trio is a trio.

    We have four different instruments that we choose from depending on who's available.

    That would always consist of an organist and a drummer, with either a guitar player or some sort of horn player-preferably and historically for us a tenor saxophone, but could also be a trumpet or trombone or any of the other saxes, bari sax is an interesting but rarely used choice in the history of jazz organ.

    Now if we do get a gig that makes enough money to hire 4 people, or if there is any other reason to have a quartet, then we are called the NeoTrio Quartet, with the italics as part of the logo-for a wee bit of humor.

    Historically for us-and for the organ trio in general-a jazz organ quartet consists of organ, drums, a sax player and a guitarist. Any forementioned horn would be ok-less preferably, 2 guitarists.

    Because it has only performed publicly once, we have not yet recorded the Neo Trio Quartet, but two different forms of Neo Trio are available for your listening pleasure on, one being organ, drums and guitar and the other organ, drums and tenor saxophone,featuring the very talented Paul Klemperer on sax.


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