Friday, October 19, 2007

Great news!

After almost three weeks, Bunny has been found! He apparently spent two weeks OUTSIDE at Camp Tahkodah before being found by the caretaker. We understand Bunny is very dirty but on his way back to us. Jenna has been doing OK without him, but has occasionally asked for him before declaring a few days ago, "I'm going back to camp to get Bunny."

Now from the "Is This Weird?" department:

Julia and I got our hair cut yesterday. We had to go to a new place because no one was answering the phone all day at the place we usually go. My appt. was yesterday morning. When it was time to pay, the woman who cut my hair just had me make the check out to her first name because she said her last name is hard to spell. I also have a name that is hard for people to spell and pronounce, so this didn't seem strange to me. When I brought Julia back for her appt. after school, a different person cut her hair. When I was writing the check, he said to just write his first name. Then he gave me his business card, which just said "Terrence." What's with this first-name only business? Do they think we are going to stalk them or something?

Note -- all this check-writing is due to my debit card's PIN number getting messed up, and my bank taking a long time to fix it.

My Hannah Montana luck continues. Julia wants to be HM for Halloween. She has an outfit, but I waited until a ridiculously late date to start looking for a wig. All the stores have been sold out, and all the online places have them back-ordered. I started getting desperate yesterday and decided to check with Party City in Little Rock. Turns out this store ordered 100 of them, and out of 400-something Party City locations in the country, the LR location is the only one that got them in. (This is what Mr. Party City employee told me, anyway.) He also said it's good that I came in and got one when I did, because people have been buying 30 at a time to sell them on Ebay.

Here's the picture from the package. I don't even think the wig looks like Hannah Montana's hair, but hey -- at least it's something.

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