Monday, December 11, 2006

The Continuing Saga of Sick Family Members

A couple of weeks ago it was Jenna with bronchitis. Today it's Julia with a sinus infection. I took both of them to Julia's doctor appointment today. We got a built-in Target trip since that's where our pharmacy is. Anyone else ever notice how friendly Target pharmacists are? We loved Carmelita at Baytown's Target, who was always giving us coupons for free popcorn. And the pharmacists at our new Target here are also so nice and helpful. When I was filling out Julia's info, I accidentally put Jenna's birthday and the pharmacist called the doctor (the girls and I were busy across the store at the 75%-off clothes), wondering why she had prescribed something so strong for a 2-year-old.

And the pharmacy was a 1/2 bottle short of Julia's antibiotic, and they were so terribly sorry, but could I by chance come back to Target within the next several days to pick up the rest?

Well, Mr. Target pharmacy man, I guess I can work it in.

Then Chad came home from work sick, and I'm not feeling so well myself. I have two deadlines Wednesday. Then Chad's mom, who's not entirely self-sufficient, will be here Thursday.

I might run away. Hot Springs sounds nice.


  • At Mon Dec 11, 04:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Flu shots? They do work for me! Sorry you guys are sick! Wash, wash, wash hands every few minutes and try not to breath on each other!

  • At Mon Dec 11, 06:22:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    Actually, none of this is the flu. I already wash my hands so much my fingers bleed. I am spending the night with Julia tonight -- I'd rather have what she has than what Chad has. :/

  • At Mon Dec 11, 08:27:00 PM, Blogger Beverly said…

    Hot springs..let's go!

    Girl, you kill me with all this Target talk..cracks me up..

  • At Tue Dec 12, 08:03:00 AM, Blogger Sarah P said…

    Hey friend! I tried to email you but it bounced back. Have you changed your email address lately?
    Also, check out my latest post and let me know if you've gotten an email like the one I received from the mag that employs us lately. Kind of bummed me out a little.


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