Monday, September 18, 2006

Take my child...please

Dear Mothers Day Out directors of the Little Rock area:

It has come to my attention that just about none of your programs have room for my daughter, Jenna. I understand you have regulations about how many children can be in each class and all that.

However, I would like to turn your attention to the mistake you are making by not making room for my daughter. Jenna is a bright ray of sunshine that will turn any MDO class into a party or a circus -- probably both.

And she's cute. Oh my stars, is she cute. Please take a few moments to ponder Jenna's cuteness:

Mrs. Mardell Hamby, director of Cornerstone Christian Academy at First Colony Church of Christ in First Colony, Texas, assures me that Jenna's social skills, verbal skills and overall cuteness far exceeds that of other two-year-olds. Mrs. Hamby is also Jenna's grandmother, but still.

So please consider making space for this extremely bright and cute child. She will make every day at your school pure joy. Plus I can't grocery shop, clean the house, get my hair cut or pee in peace until she gets into a program.

Thank you,

Deana Nall
Bryant, AR


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