Thursday, February 02, 2006

Home, sweet home

There is a sign in/sign out sheet in the office at Julia's school. If you could see the sheet today, you would see Julia's name, then in the "sign out" column you would see "8:01." Her school starts at 8. That's how long it took her to realize she really didn't feel like coming back to school today. I told her she has to spend the day actually resting -- in bed. I have medicine with codeine in it to help with this.

At least Jenna went to school today. I have just changed her registration from one day a week to two. With Julia, I had massive guilt about doing that. I sort of thought that stay-at-home moms were supposed to STAY AT HOME with their kids. It took me a year to past that so I could sign Julia up for two days. With Jenna, it took three weeks. Go figure.

All this time at home has given us ample opportunity to play the Nancy Drew computer game Julia got for Christmas. Has anyone else tried any of these? They're fun -- and really hard. Julia and I are playing separate games and I kept noticing how much more difficult her game was than mine. "Maybe the game thinks I'm smarter than you are," she said. Turns out she had accidentally selected "senior detective" instead of "junior detective," which is the level I'm playing on. OK, the game is for 10 and up but I'm telling you, it's hard! Last night I made progress, though. I found the secret tunnel!

I nearly started salivating over these jeans at Target yesterday. (Maybe if I had, they would have let me have them at a discount.) They're already faded and have little ripped-up places on them. They're part of the Luella line that they have brought in after phasing out Fiorucci. (Target is doing 90-day rotations of clothes from different designers. I know this from my friends at Slave to Target.) Back to the jeans. Wouldn't I look great in them, Chad? Huh? Wouldn't I?


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