Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a fun-filled Christmas this year. Instead of packing up and driving to Houston, we made everyone come see us. It was nice to have the first Christmas in our new house. That's Jenna cooking in her new kitchen on Christmas morning. (And it's a Little Tikes kitchen that's made in the USA! American-made toys are out there; you just have to look.)

"This present is tiny. I wonder what it is?"

"Oh my goodness! Could it be..."

"Yay! It's an iPod Shuffle!"

Yes, I asked for, and received, this Hello Kitty waffle maker. (Julia doesn't even like Hello Kitty.) I just thought it was cute, and we'll be eating waffles shaped like Hello Kitty's head for years to come!

I have more pictures of the fun we've had the last couple of weeks, but it will have to wait because the coffee cake (made from one of the two cookbooks I got for Christmas) is ready to come out of the oven.

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  • At Sat Dec 29, 06:58:00 PM, Blogger Kelly said…

    I have always adored everything Hello Kitty. Tis good that we are related! :) The staples are out and Kelly is eating! Yay! She may go home tomorrow or Monday!!! I love reading your blog. Hope the company has gone well. I know it is stressful. Hug those precious girls for me! Chad too! much love, Jill

  • At Mon Dec 31, 07:56:00 AM, Anonymous Leecy said…

    Looks like you guys had a Merry Christmas. FYI - I'm a total Hello Kitty fanatic and have been since 6th grade. I'd gladly eat waffles shaped like Hello Kitty with you. :-)

  • At Fri Jan 04, 08:33:00 AM, Anonymous Carol said…

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