Monday, December 17, 2007

More Miley!

Because you just can't have too much of this stuff, here are more pics from the Hannah Montana show Dec. 1.

Julia painstakingly made this sign and then had to leave it outside Alltel because it was too big. The only downer of the day.

Some Jonas Brothers. (I still don't know which one is which.) Look at what great seats we had!

Another Jonas Brother.

Rock Star! Hannah opened the show with this song, which was cool because it's Julia's favorite.

Julia and Elizabeth pumpin' up the party.

"I'm gonna put on my old blue jeans..."

One of the bajillion mom/daughter pairs at the concert.

"I Miss You," a song Miley wrote for her grandpa who died. It made for a very sweet encore.

Back over the Arkansas River on the Little Rock streetcar after the show.

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  • At Tue Dec 18, 06:24:00 PM, Anonymous Leecy said…

    I can't believe I'm confessing this, but I'm really more of a "That's so Raven" girl. Hannah Montana comes on after that sometimes and so I'll watch it. It's honestly not that bad of a show.


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