Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dining in Arkansas

Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers about Jenna. We kept her on Tylenol a couple of days and she is back to her old self. Today I asked her how she felt and she said, "I feel sick." Since she said this while she was jumping on the couch, I didn't take much stock in it.

There's a restaurant on the interstate here called Brown's Country Store and Buffet or something like that. They sell coonskin caps. In fact, Brown's is pretty proud of their coonskin caps because they have a billboard and a huge sign out front advertising them. Personally, I don't want to eat at a place that sells coonskin caps. Because where's the rest of the raccoon? On the buffet? None for me, thanks.

In other news, Julia and I seem to have a similar sense of humor, and I realize this is not a good thing. Anyway, I was telling her the other day about when she was about three and really wanted to ride home in the car from our friend's house stark naked. (We didn't let her.) After I was telling her about this, we decided to make up a song about driving naked. I'm pretty proud of what we came up with, so I'm going to share it with you fine people.

(NOTE: I made up a second verse on my own and have not shared it with Julia because it contains a word that is *ahem* not allowed in our house.)

"Driving Naked"
(to the tune of "Oh, Susanna")

I've got my suitcase all packed up
I'm going on a trip
But I won't drive a single mile
Til I completely strip

I drive naked!
It's lots of fun for me
I want to see all 50 states
As bare as I can be

Massachusetts was just fine
And Maine was pretty neat
But the heat in Arizona
Made my butt stick to the seat

(repeat chorus)

I just realized that when you're driving across the country naked, you don't need to pack a suitcase. Oh, well.

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  • At Wed May 16, 08:40:00 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Well, ok, you would want sunscreen, right? And, um... powder? A hairbrush? Self-tanner: are ya going pale and naked or tan and naked? And good makeup... if you're going naked you definitely want good makeup. Maybe I should stop now, but I'm just sayin' that naked people might still enjoy a suitcase...

  • At Thu May 17, 05:58:00 AM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    Oh -- I forgot to say to feel free to add more verses!

  • At Thu May 17, 06:11:00 AM, Blogger jettybetty said…

    Wouldn't you still want a toothbrush??

  • At Thu May 17, 10:13:00 PM, Blogger SJ said…

    The song was pretty funny, but Sandy's comments cracked me up.

  • At Fri May 18, 06:25:00 AM, Blogger janjanmom said…

    You are going to get some scary lurkers.

    Love the song. I am sure Julia has been the hit of school this week!

  • At Fri May 18, 12:19:00 PM, Blogger Shanta said…

    Deana, you have the funniest blog out there. You have such a talent!

  • At Fri May 18, 02:03:00 PM, Blogger Winston said…

    Since I am a big believer in saving on gasoline, I try not to drive very much. But I do ride quite a bit on my unicycle. So, I went unicycling in the buff. Thus, the following verse for your little song:

    I rode my unicycle
    And I rode it while quite bare.
    But to this day I wonder
    Just what made those people stare.

  • At Sat May 19, 06:43:00 AM, Blogger TREY MORGAN said…

    Loved the song. Made me smile.


  • At Sat May 19, 01:59:00 PM, Blogger SJ said…

    On to Louisiana,
    Where it's humid as can be
    But I don't mind, I'll be fine
    with just a Band-Aid on my knee.

  • At Mon Jun 04, 04:12:00 PM, Blogger ~ Stephanie. said…

    Oh, I come from Alabama
    with a banjo on my knee.
    The banjo's there to hide the fact
    I'm naked as can be!

    I drive naked!
    It's lots of fun for me
    I want to see all 50 states
    As bare as I can be


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