Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Turns out that according to the rules at, you're not supposed to send the bills to people. You're just supposed to spend them and get them back in circulation. So my bill that made its way from Germany to Arkansas is now making its way to Houston. I had already sent it when I found out I was a rule breaker. Oh, well -- now it can become my dad's problem.

And now for the Target report. I was walking around there this morning and did a double-take when I came across melamine lunch trays in pastel colors -- EXACTLY like the ones we all carried to our cafeteria tables in elementary school. I just had to pick one up and hold it and reminisce about all those lunches all those years ago. Then I put it back. Who wants to remember that?

Last Saturday we did Target with our friends Tod and Jan Traughber from Searcy. We found a delightful clearance aisle where I got Simply Shabby Chic placemats (kind of off-white with light blue flowers) for NINETY-EIGHT CENTS EACH. And I hadn't even come down off my high from the week before, when I got this Global Bazaar ceramic jar (and a blue one just like it):

... for 90 percent off because they were getting rid of all the GB stuff. They are on my kitchen window sill now holding teabags and sponges.

Also at Target today I got a bottle of Tazo Iced Green Tea. Really good stuff. But check out what I found on the label under a picture of a rather Zen-looking guy: "The only thing about reincarnation that bothers this Tazo holy man is having to go through junior high school over and over again." That's one thing I like about Christianity. Life sucks, then you die, then you don't have to do it all over again.


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