Thursday, March 01, 2007

Home for good

We've been in our new house since Monday. There is stuff everywhere and we don't know where anything is, but we love it here. The paint in the girls' rooms looks great. I'll post pictures -- as soon as we find the camera.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the new Norah Jones CD and someone asked what my favorite song is. Right now, it's "Wake Me Up," with "Be My Somebody" as a close second. I also love "Little Room," which, as far as I can tell, is about being poor and so much in love that it doesn't matter. It has a WHISTLE SOLO in it, which Jenna loves. (I'm hoping she's too young to understand what's going on in the first verse.) And if you get a chance to listen to the song, listen to Norah count it off at the very beginning. She has such a cute little speaking voice.

Here are the words... I also like this song because in one of the houses Chad and I lived in early on, our room was so little that the doorknob was right next to my head when I was in bed. (Did I ever hit my elbow on it? I'M NOT TELLING.)

Here are the words:

Little Room

You and me and, Me and you,
In my little room,
There's room enough for us to do,
The things we like to do.
Oops, I hit my elbow on the doorknob, Its right there,
It's by the bed next to my head, But I don't even care.

There's stars up on the wall, And they all glow in the dark,
And we can hear the children playing, Outside in the park.
There's bars on the window,
And if there were a fire, We'd burn up for sure,
But that's just fine by me 'cause, We would be together ever more.

In this little room, In the big city we're so far,
From the people that we knew in, My big ol' blue car.
But if we stick together, Then I know we'll be ok,
'cause when it gets too cold outside, This room is where we'll stay.


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