Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Veggie Tales

Leave it to me to become a vegetarian and then go eat at a place called the "Rib Crib." I do these things to appease Chad, my carnivorous husband. So I'm sitting there at the Rib Crib with chandeliers made of antlers hanging from the ceiling and I'm asking the waitress if they have anything that doesn't have meat in it. While Chad snickers. I ended up getting their brisket potato -- minus the brisket. So I paid seven bucks for a baked potato with butter and cheese on it. This is discrimination against vegetarians, I tell you!

Chad's BBQ brisket looked yummy. Hey, I'm a Texas girl. But don't worry -- I abstained.

Speaking of yummy, here's the latest thing I love: Sonic smoothies. My favorite is the strawberry banana one. In fact, I haven't actually tried the others. One day, when nobody's looking, I'm going to order one in each flavor and drink them all down. Sonic's menu -- like the Rib Crib's -- isn't very veggie friendly so I get a smoothie for a meal when we go there.

After the Rib Crib, we went to Hastings, where I scored a used copy of Michelle Branch's "The Spirit Room" for two bucks. (You could call me a lot of things that I would find offensive, but "cheap" is not one of them.) Today at Sonic Julia and I had the windows down singing "You're EVERYWHERE TO ME..." for the world to hear.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's been sending me veggie info!


  • At Wed Sep 20, 08:37:00 PM, Blogger elizabeth said…

    We just got a Rib Crib here. I heard it is good and reading your post makes me long for eating ribs while barbeque sauce gets in between my fingers and runs down my forearm. Yum! Yum!

  • At Wed Sep 20, 08:41:00 PM, Blogger Lynn said…

    Somewhere along the bloglines I missed the point why you gave up a glorious ribeye ( medium well ) and Texas BBQ. I don't mean to make an issue of it. I think you must have a very good reason other than health to be doing this. You are awfully brave and certainly diligent in your decision, I'll say that. My health isn't that great and if I thought the veggie issue was a secret weapon, I might jump on the veggie wagon. But honestly, wait until I get my Friday night ribeye. And if we lived closer I'd take that little 2 yr old and give you a break to at least pee! I remember those days. I could make you cry and tell you how very fast they grow up and all...but I won't. You have got enough on your hands paying $ 8.00 for a potato.

  • At Wed Sep 20, 08:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Be careful at Hastings. While looking at a poster display directly across from the children's section, my young son got his first look at "totally naked ladies".

  • At Wed Sep 20, 08:51:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    Yikes, anonymous! Although my kids see a totally naked lady every time they barge in on me in the shower.

    And Lynn -- the truth is that I've never really liked meat all that much. I've wanted to give it up for a while and figured I couldn't since I live with a meat-eater. I finally decided what the hey and went for it anyway. I haven't missed it yet. And thanks for the babysitting offer. She's in MDO on Tuesdays now so I at least get to pee on those days.

  • At Wed Sep 20, 09:49:00 PM, Blogger janjanmom said…

    Peeing once a week is totally enough!! Congrats on the MDO.

  • At Thu Sep 21, 02:47:00 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    One of my favorite meals ever was at The Carnivore in Nairobi, after descending Kilimanjaro with a bunch of buddies. It was all the wart hog, giraffe, and wildebeast you could eat for a fixed price.

    But I'm sure they'd have a very excellent baked potato, too.

  • At Thu Sep 21, 04:07:00 AM, Blogger Chad said…

    There's this delapidated shack in Baytown called the Rib Clinic that's only open Thur-Sat that I always wanted to try with Deana. She used to love Hard Rock's ribs. There's also a great hamburger place in College Station called Chicken Oil Company. Wall-to-wall antlers of anything that ever had an antler. Oh the memories... Guess we'll have to make memories with the different varieties of vegie burgers.

  • At Thu Sep 21, 02:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Deana, I saw your comment on Mike's blog talking about how you can hardly walk into a Christian bookstore without "tossing your cookies". I just posted recently on a similar subject. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

  • At Fri Sep 22, 06:33:00 AM, Blogger Clarissa said…

    Hey, Sonic has veggies! Tator Tots, yum, yum! And great jalapeno/cheese poppers. Okay, now I'm drooling. I think I know where lunch is coming from today!


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