Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gene, I hear you calling

In my further adventures of cable TV, I have discovered my new favorite show. It's Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. Yes, another aging rock star got a reality show. And it's really funny. I have a theory that becoming famous stunts one's emotional growth, and it's no different for Gene. Except instead of being obnoxious or annoying, he's funny. Without meaning to be. And that's the best kind of funny.

My favorite quote from the show so far is when Gene's teenage daughter Sophie says, "Some people's dads are firemen, some are professors... my dad is a blood-spitting demon."

And then there's the mystery of Channel 12. I guess here in the Little Rock area, it's some kind of public access channel. Around the clock, they are showing one of these three things:

1) City council meetings
2) Hillbillies playing banjos
3) Trains going back and forth, back and forth across the screen

I just don't get it -- is this an Arkansas thing?

And now for the most disturbing thing on TV. It's "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV. This show features girls whose ridiculously wealthy parents spend half a million bucks on their daughters' 16th birthday parties. I've seen several episodes, and in nearly every single one, the birthday girl is in tears at her party over something that didn't go the way she thought it should have. Hey, parents -- if you're that rich and want to do something nice for your daughter, send her to Uganda for a summer and let her work with orphans of AIDS.

I had hope for one girl who grew up poor in foster care and had recently been adopted by a wealthy family. But no, she was the worst about "I'm only inviting the most popular people." And get this -- while on a shopping trip to New York City for her party dress, she said, "Just think, a year ago I was shopping at Target."



  • At Fri Sep 29, 03:42:00 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    Dear Friend,

    How do I say this kindly?

    There are places where really good people like you can get help from really smart, caring people (not that you aren't smart or caring) about their obsessions.

    Like this Target thing.

    For one thing, do you realize that you now live in the state that Sam built? Targets are not prohibited by law. That would be wrong. But when people you meet talk about going to the SuperCenter, you can rest assured that they aren't talking about a place with the annoying red dot bullseye.

    Again -- you're a really good, smart, caring person.

    I'm just saying. Help is just around the corner.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 04:53:00 AM, Blogger Lynn said…

    I, too, am totally nauseated by that Sweet 16 show. I have never watched it all the way through (ha) but you are right about sending these girls on a mission trip. Quick!

  • At Fri Sep 29, 05:37:00 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Abilene has "Channel 7", but only on Cox Cable which, for 10 months, didn't carry NBC so I no longer have it. Channel 7 is more like AISD-TV than city business: they carry school board meetings and every school program EVER. That is kind of cool because it's way better quality than anything we would get on videotape -- but sometimes they zoom in on the wrong kid! :-(

  • At Fri Sep 29, 05:45:00 AM, Blogger Jacinda said…

    Yeah, I think I saw the one with the girl from foster care? Was she real short? Almost all of those girls act so horrible!!!!

  • At Fri Sep 29, 06:30:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you'd cry too if it happened to you."

  • At Fri Sep 29, 06:38:00 AM, Blogger SJ said…

    You made me wonder about my Channel 12 here in Conway, but it is CNN. Whatever that is you are watching is not a widespread Arkansas thing. Maybe the problem is the area of the state you live in. ;)

  • At Fri Sep 29, 06:52:00 AM, Blogger pegc said…

    Here in Beaumont, TEXAS, it is channel 4. They produce the city council meetings and have an information board rolling most of the time with KVLU in the background.

    The Sweet 16 show did a girl from Port Arthur, actually I think it was two girls, sisters; doctor's kids. There was a big write up in the paper and it was on the news. They didn't seem to be too upset so they may not air it! I wondered about it at the time.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 09:17:00 AM, Blogger courtney said…

    Yes, Super Sweet 16 is nauseating, but somehow it intrigues me. I guess because it is just so over the top.

    I LOVE watching trains going back and forth!! not.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 11:11:00 AM, Blogger Angela said…

    Never thought I'd say this, but I have to take issue with Mike...Just say no to Wal-mart!! Keep YOUR eye on the bullseye!!

    I live in Searcy. In addition to city council meetings we get to watch court proceedings. Every once and awhile I'll tune-in to watch the guys (and gals) in prison jumpsuits file into the courtroom and receive sentencing for various crimes. It's a sad peek at life outside the Searcy bubble.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 11:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love Gene Simmon's Family Jewels!! I've only seen 2 episodes but it's hilarious.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 02:24:00 PM, Blogger LauraH said…

    ARRRRRRRGHHHH! "My Super Sweet 16" makes me crazy. Actually, it makes me want to arrest all the moms and dads (and I can only use those terms loosely here), lock 'em up and not let them leave until they have completed about a month and a half of parenting classes. Their kids would be at home alone, but the kids are in charge already, so I doubt anyone would notice until the credit card bills came in.

  • At Fri Sep 29, 02:25:00 PM, Blogger LauraH said…

    Ooh! Ooh! Maybe Gene Simmons could teach the parenting classes!

  • At Fri Sep 29, 03:37:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    Laura -- his kids do seem pretty normal!

  • At Fri Sep 29, 08:16:00 PM, Blogger americangerman said…

    We live in a land that will soon be Walmart-less AND Target-less. Wally world came in by threatening to no longer buy German products, but wasn't able to make a go of it and are now pulling out. The Red Dot could come take up the slack! Come Target come!

  • At Mon Oct 02, 05:45:00 PM, Blogger Paige Robins said…

    Wow, that's like a personal dig at you. I'm sorry you had to hear that. Just know that Target lovers everywhere have felt the sting of that slap

  • At Tue Oct 03, 08:02:00 AM, Anonymous jilly said…

    Your feelings about the movie are the same as the ones I have about the Left Behind books!

    I was adopted at birth, so I am puzzled by women who claim they want more than anything to be a mother, yet turn up their noses at adoption.

    Burning Question: Why is it always football that brings a school glory, and not the Mathletes?

    On South Park, the FBG's name actually IS Token...

    Deana, Wednesday's Sun is awfully boring without you! The two best things about that paper were your column on Wednesdays, the Target ad mag on Sundays, and the occasional wacky incoherent letter to the editor every now and then...

    The only thing trashier than SS16 is Flavor of Love...

  • At Sun Oct 15, 08:34:00 AM, Blogger David Michael said…

    Gene Simmons is one smart dude. He is a favorite of the Houston Classic Rock radio station. The morning guys will call him and ask his opinion on various topics. He is a little like Paul McCartney (business savy until Heather), except for the hair, make-up, tounge, and persona.


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