Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mothers Day and the Shoe Planets

Earlier last week, Julia had said to me, "Please stay in bed late on Sunday." I said I would try. So Sunday morning, she came and got in bed with me, grabbed the remote, and turned on the TV. I said, "I stayed in bed late like you asked me to." She jumped up and said, "Oh, yeah! I'll be right back!" She brought me a homemade card (a blue heart, since blue is my favorite color) and she and Chad gave me the new Jewel CD AND the Nancy Drew PC game Julia and I have both been wanting -- "Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon." This will be our fourth mystery to solve. They are really fun and HARD. They are for ages 10 and up and I've just now gotten up my nerve to play on the "Senior Detective" level.

Oh, and all that stuff was from Jenna, too. She was just kinda oblivious.

Then my parents came over after church and we celebrated Mothers Day and my mom's birthday, which was the next day. That night, I had to stay up until 12:30 finishing Monday's deadlines, and then I got to spend the day with Julia and a bunch of other kids on a field trip. I'll probably write my columns about it for tomorrow so I'll skip all the details for now.

And last night, I had a SHOPPING EPIPHANY. We had been at the mall and were on our way back out through Sears when I saw my dream sandals at 50% off. I had seen them a few years (yes, YEARS) ago in a Spiegel catalog for 80 bucks. It goes against everything I believe in to pay that much for shoes, so I forgot about them. But not really. A few months ago, I saw the same exact ones in Sears for $40. But I held off again, being the ultra-cheap shopper that I am. About a month ago, they went on sale. But not quite enough. Did I mention how cheap I am? Then last night, they were 50% off, and the only pair left was MY SIZE! (This same phenomenon happened to me in another shoe-buying experience a few months ago. I believe when the one left is in your size, it's a sign from God that you are supposed to have it.) Let's recap: $80 shoes that I loved but waited patiently for, and I got them for $21.60, including tax. The shoe planets were aligned in my favor!


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