Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to the Doctor

I was telling Carol the other day how I don't like to blog about being sick. I just don't think it would sound very interesting. However, I'm sick. I've been through two rounds of antibiotics and I'm going back to the doc today. It seems to have all settled in my chest because my chest and back hurt all the time and little things like getting Jenna dressed leave me out of breath. I have to go sit and wait for the room to stop spinning. It still feels like there's an H3 parked on my chest, and I want to sleep all the time. Several people have said it sounds like pneumonia but I haven't had any fever.

Anyway, I have to get better because Michelle is coming to Baytown! With Aurora!


  • At Thu Mar 30, 08:07:00 AM, Blogger Beverly said…, I am so sorry. I remember, before kids, whenever I would get sick, I would down a bottle of NYQUIL and I would feel better(mayber because of the alcohol content of the NYQUIL)I would just sleep it off. What a brick wall I hit when I first got sick, after I had Whitney, and couldn't down a bottle of NYQUIL because her Daddy was busy getting a PhD and working and somebody had to feed and dress that little girl. You could ask a good friend to take care of the kids and sleep it off for a day and see if that helps. I'm telling ya NYQUIL baby.
    Get better...everybody needs mommy well..p.s. you can blog about anything..that's why I love it!

  • At Thu Mar 30, 09:45:00 AM, Blogger Sarah Megan said…

    Hey, an H3 is definitely the sweetest car to have parked on your chest. Just think of it like that. Im sorry you are sick, though. I hope you start feeling better. I was very interested in your sick blog

  • At Thu Mar 30, 10:36:00 AM, Blogger GraceSaves said…

    if not, I'll still bring you some cake. :-D it always makes me feel better! I really hope you're better though.


  • At Thu Mar 30, 11:07:00 AM, Blogger SG said…

    I have said that before too. Who wants to hear about me being sick? But hey, it's nice to know we are not the only ones who get sick... And all of us Moms get how hard it is because moms don't get sick days! I hope you feel better and have that chest x-rayed soon! :)

    Wow! Even for me that was quite the run-on sentence?


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