Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Eleanor Rigby

I named this post "Eleanor Rigby" because it's a bit depressing and "Eleanor Rigby" is the most depressing song I know.

I saw Tommy again this morning at the parents' breakfast at Travis. Every time I see him and the girls, it feels like my heart drops like a rock into my stomach. We had a nice conversation. When they were leaving, Tommy called out across the room to me, "Have a nice Thanksgiving!" Out of habit, I called back, "You, too!" Seemingly innocent, but what a stupid thing to say to a man and his children who are about to go through their first holidays without their wife and mother. Jennifer was one of those moms who made holidays extra special -- she thrived on that kind of thing. I can't imagine what the next couple of months will be like for them.

Ah...look at all the lonely people.

God, in your own good time, please send Tommy a wife.


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