Friday, November 12, 2004

Up All Night

Just a note -- maybe you've noticed that I try to name my blog entries after songs. I'm a huge '80s music junkie, and I just wanted to point out -- since it's a rather obscure song -- that "Up All Night" was recorded by Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats in the very early '80s.

Having said that, I wasn't really up all night. But I just hate days like these when I go to bed feeling pretty good with a list of stuff I need to do the next day, and then I'm up half the night tending to the various needs of two kids and a cat. Now the baby is asleep again (must be NICE!) but I don't have time to sleep because I need to go to Target, Home Depot, the post office, the newspaper office, the church and I need to pack a family of four for an overnight at my parents' house in Houston. ALl before 3:15. So the obvious solution: go through the drive-thru at Starbucks for a venti ANYTHING. I'm determined to get addicted to some kind of drug before this is all over, so caffeine just might be it. Good thing I'm not Mormon. How do they do it? How do they stay awake to take care of all their kids? And how cruel is that? To tell a woman she must give birth until her uterus falls out but deny her any caffeine? I'm thinking if it was Brigham Young who had to stay home all day with his kids, that little caffeine rule just may have been amended.

No offense was intended by the preceding rant toward anyone of the Mormon persuasion.

So Chad and I are supposed to go to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert tonight, but we've realized that we would either have to leave Jenna with my parents for 5 hours or take her with us. She's not crazy about the bottle, so taking her with us seems like the thing to do, but holding her during a long concert isn't ideal, either. So I told Chad to ask someone from the youth group to use my ticket and I'll just stay at my parents' house. Happy birthday, Chad.

Another note about the lack of time with Chad -- let's just say that Jenna is determined NOT to become a middle child.


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