Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

This is what spring break does to Jenna's room:

But don't worry, there's an "after" picture:

The last couple of years, we've been fans of not going anywhere for spring break. It's nice to actually take a break instead of packing up the family and exhausting ourselves on a long road trip. So we are staying close to home this year. Besides, I just really didn't have it in me to plan a trip this year.

But we did go to Wye Mountain, where daffodils are blooming by the thousands. We had to leave suddenly when Jenna needed to potty and didn't like the looks of the port-a-potties. I was so proud! A girl after my own heart.

And the girls and I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out in downtown Little Rock. Here are the girls on the trolley. (Jenna loved it. Julia, on the other hand, is getting too cool to think this kind of thing is fun. Don't know if you can tell from the picture.)

And last weekend, I threw a Twilight DVD release party at church. (It was in the teen room, but attendees were mostly made up of lovestruck moms like me.) We had refreshments (don't worry -- it was black cherry Kool-Aid):

And people like the Williams women had fun swooning over Edward:

So that's it. A peek into our boring spring break lives. Hopefully soon I can review one of the books I've been trying to get read.

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  • At Fri Mar 27, 07:24:00 AM, Anonymous tracy Williams said…

    OMGosh, We are famous at last!!!!! So excited to make the blog. I have arrived!!!

  • At Tue May 05, 10:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is a great blog! I've spent some time reading and love the inspirational and true side you bring out in your words.

    I was hoping to send you a quick informational email, though I see you're unlisted. If you could give me a quick shout out, I'd love to talk!


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