Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 Things

I posted this on Facebook, but for those of you who missed it, here are 25 random pieces of information about me. Enjoy!

1) My Garfield lunchbox got stolen in 6th grade at Taylor Middle School in Lovington, New Mexico.

2) Once in college, a girl had done something pretty vindictive toward me. So I called her (before Caller ID), told her she was fat and hung up. Pretty immature for a 19-year-old, I know.

3) All my life, I have had a deep, inexplicable fear of being alone in a swimming pool. If it’s an indoor swimming pool (which makes the water darker) it’s a lot worse. My fear is not of drowning. It’s too weird to tell anyone, really. But it’s marine mammals. Large ones. I’m afraid I will brush up against a humpback whale or something. The very thought is making my heart beat faster as I type this because it freaks me out so badly. In my logical mind, I KNOW marine mammals cannot survive in heated, chlorinated water. And even if they could, and if they somehow got into a swimming pool, I know they would not do anything to hurt me. This is what makes it a phobia, people, it’s completely illogical. I’ve even forgotten about this phobia and gone swimming by myself, only to get halfway across the pool and completely freeze up with the most dreadful feeling of fear that I’ve never experienced in any other situation. I’m fine, though if anyone else is around, even if I don’t know them. They don’t even have to be in the pool, just where I can see them. I probably need therapy, meds, the whole bit. To make it weirder (as if it needs to be), I’ve never had a traumatic experience involving water or a large marine mammal.

4) My dad was a youth minister and when I was in late elementary school/early junior high, I had a habit of developing mad crushes on the guys in my dad’s youth groups. To the point of sobbing myself to sleep if one of them ever brought a girlfriend to church.

5) When I was about nine, I had a dream in which I saw a white van turned over on the side of the road. Since then, I’ve always been leery of traveling in white vans. Our church in Baytown had one and I was never comfortable going on long trips in it.

6) I have never mowed a lawn in my life.

7) I believe my deceased grandparents (dad’s side) have spoken to me in dreams.

8) My best guy friend from high school was best friends in college with the guy who is now married to my husband’s sister’s best friend from high school.

9) I love my husband’s blue eyes. And his dark hair, especially when it starts getting too long and curls a little behind his ears. (But then he always gets it cut, because it bugs him.)

10) Everyone seems to think I need to write a book, but I think I’m too ADD to do that. I like writing magazine and newspaper articles and then never having to think about them again.

11) A guy in my dad’s youth group accidentally killed my gerbil when I was in 6th grade.

12) I’ve always wanted to bobsled. Like in the Olympics.

13) I’ve never wanted a new car – even as a teen , when everyone does – because I figured then (and now) that I could never have one.

14) I have recurring dreams about Princess Diana in which we go out to lunch and complain to each other about our mothers-in-law.

15) I love my C-section scars and would never dream of doing anything to reduce their appearance.

16) I can truly say that I never want to be rich or famous. Money complicates things, and I was famous in one small town for four years and that was enough. A nice and fun experience, but enough.

17) I was on WIC (Women, Infants and Children – a government assistance program) after Julia was born.

18) I’m still in touch with the mother of the guy I dated all through high school.

19) Juice can give me a headache within minutes of drinking it, so I never, never do. Something’s probably up with my blood sugar. Apples do the same thing. But candy bars don’t bother me at all. Go figure.

20) I had the ultimate budget wedding. My dad had lost his job and my grandpa gave me $1,000 for the wedding, and that’s all we had. My mom can find bargains like nobody’s business, plus she’s a great seamstress and she was able to make my dress. So we still pulled off a nice wedding. I’ve been to much more elaborate weddings and they are certainly nice, but I’ve never regretted anything about mine.

21) There are two things I love so much that I rarely talk about them because I don’t want people to think I’m crazy: music and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

22) I wish I could have been a journalist back in the old days of counting headlines and setting type.

23) When I was three, I drew all over the family dog (who had a light brown coat) with a bright pink magic marker. My parents had to take him to the vet to get it washed out, and I didn’t see my markers for a month.

24) In high school, I was able to lose weight very easily, and I used to go for a day or so without eating just to see how little I could get. Knowing what I know now, I could have easily slipped into anorexia and I’ve always been thankful I didn’t.

25) I hated dolls when I was a kid. If I ever got one as a present, I threw it into a box in my closet. By the time I was ten or so, I had a box full of poor, sad, unwanted dolls.


  • At Wed Feb 04, 08:10:00 AM, Blogger Sarah P said…

    #3 is not weird. Well, it probably is, but I share your strange fear. Indoor pools are way worse, I agree. Mine's not so much marine life in general so much as it is sharks. Just sharks. I should probably stop watching Shark Week every year.

    #5 - I have dreams like that too that I'm nervous will become reality. The night before the Hudson plane crash, I had a nightmare about a plane crash. When that news story aired it freaked me out, no doubt.

    #15 - I need to learn from you. Those scars (on me, not you, obviously) are bittersweet. Sweet because it is a daily reminder that I was blessed with a life. Bitter because I still believe the complications I went through in that day long labor could have been prevented or changed by the hospital staff. By the time the C-section had to take place, it was definitely necessary though. There's a part of me that really wants to have a VBAC on the next one, Lord willing. We'll see. It's scary either way.

    #16 - Ditto. Although a little extra wiggle room in the finances couldn't hurt. Not riches, just wiggle.

    #20 - Me too! (Did I need a comma there?) I had a little more to work with than 1K, but we still had the most beautiful wedding ever. I think it meant even more knowing I didn't strain our family's finances.

  • At Thu Feb 05, 05:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, dearie me, you can talk to me about Laura Ingalls Wilder anytime you like! I could talk your ear off--my daughter is NAMED after her!

    I love her.

    whose password has been forgotten

  • At Sat Feb 07, 04:18:00 PM, Blogger Keith Brenton said…

    And if you still had that closet full of dolls in original condition, you'd have an eBay fortune.


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