Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today in central Arkansas, while everyone was packing into Wal-Mart for batteries and bottled water in anticipation of the remnants of Hurricane Ike, we were at the Humane Society picking out this little guy:

He's six months old and very sweet and cuddly. He can't stay out of Chad's lap. (Kind of like me when we were dating -- haha.) He's black with a wide, white stripe down his tummy and he looks very handsome. They were calling him "James Bond" at the shelter. Then we tried naming him after a designer and came up with "Versace," which Julia changed to "FUR-sace." But that still didn't seem to fit. So we decided to name him after the next person who called our house. But "Lynn" didn't seem to fit, either. We finally decided on "Espresso," which we think is perfect.

We still miss Spanky, but we think Espresso will be a fine addition to the family.

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