Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cow huggers unite

A while back, Sarah, a fellow non-meat-eater, asked me how I let the world know that I went veggie and how I have handled people's reactions to my decision. I've been gathering my thoughts on this and I'll blog about it soon.

Well, we are all done traveling for the summer and school starts in just a few weeks. I've had a ton of work lately, which is always fun with both kids are home every day. Our last tiny little trip is this Saturday. We are going to Magic Springs, a theme park about 40 minutes from here, to play around and then hear Third Day in concert. I don't like much Christian music, to be honest, but I really, really like Third Day. And I sort of love Mac Powell, their lead singer.

Here's a quote from Jenna when we were coming home from Texas last week. She took her shoes off and said, "Hey! I found my feet!"

Speaking of Texas, I got to spend some time on Friday with Dr. Charlie Marler and his wife, Peggy. "Doc" was the chairman of the Journalism-Mass Communication Dept. while I was at ACU and he is still a hero to me. Any time my name appears in a byline in some publication, his name should be right next to it because he is the reason my writing is worthy to be printed. Some professors teach you how to do something, but professors like Doc teach you how to become something. He was never satisfied if his students were good at writing; he wanted us to be better than good. He taught us the power of words and to uphold truth above all else. Yes, they do actually teach that in journalism school.

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  • At Wed Aug 01, 06:52:00 PM, Blogger Beverly said…

    he is an awesome man and peggy is a sweetie.

  • At Thu Aug 02, 06:22:00 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Thanks (in advance) for sharing your thoughts about it! I'll check back periodically. :)

  • At Fri Aug 03, 06:57:00 AM, Blogger Winston said…

    By the way dear daughter ... Happy birthday this recent August 2 ... your mom and dad stuff should reach you shortly ... do you realize that when you were born that I was within 2 months of being younger than you are now ... I think ... ?? (been a long time)

  • At Mon Aug 06, 11:07:00 AM, Anonymous Angie said…

    That was a good concert! Are you following me around? ;-)

    Oh and I did finally get my son a spot at Gyer Springs! Maybe because my inlaws go there?


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