Monday, June 04, 2007


If there's one thing I can't get over about Arkansas, it's that we have four distinct seasons. I've never experienced this. In about one week in March, everything went from dead and brown to vibrant and green. I'm told this is called "spring." Fascinating.

Just to illustrate, here's the front of our house back in February, about a week before we closed on it. (I realize Jenna appears to be fleeing the house in terror. Don't be alarmed. It happens quite a bit around here.)

And here's the front of our house this morning with the sun all shiny and the flowers all bloomy.

These things shot up out of the ground so fast one week that I figured they were weeds. I was on my way out the door to pull them up when Chad stopped me. I'm glad he did, because they turned into these pretty yellow flowers! Jenna can look out her window just about any time of day and see butterflies all around them.

This stuff lines our walkway and no kidding -- one day it wasn't there and the next day, we were tripping over the leaves.

A neat thing about buying a house in the winter is that you never know what's going to come up in the flower beds in the spring. These lilies were a lovely surprise.

Spanky, the cat who always wants in.

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  • At Tue Jun 05, 06:22:00 AM, Blogger jen said…

    Be thankful that what came up was flowers. We just sold our house in November, and I am sure the new owners are not nearly as thrilled with what "popped up" this Spring in their yard.

  • At Tue Jun 05, 06:54:00 AM, Blogger Sandy said…

    "This stuff" is called Hosta, and they are pretty expensive if you try to buy them at the store- lucky you! Some varieties make pretty flowers in the summer. (I didn't know any of this until we bought our house in the winter and found Hosta in the spring too. We also discovered golden day lillies and purple Iris. Thank you, Lord, for gardeners! :-)

  • At Tue Jun 05, 07:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've never met you, but I just love you to death! And Chad. And Julia. And Jenna. I love your spirit and your humor and you intelligence and your talent. You are a blessing! Count this as a great big hug!

  • At Tue Jun 05, 08:26:00 AM, Blogger KentF said…

    Hi Deana - those "things" in order are: 1) some type of coneflower it appears, or maybe sunflower; 2) Hostas (pronounced Host - like host a party - ta's; they're best used in the shade); and, 3) daylilies - showy flowers that love the sun and, as their name implies - the blooms last only a day or so - but there are alot of them!

    Sorry - I can't help on the origins of your cat.

    Your welcome and your gardening friend Kent.

  • At Tue Jun 05, 09:10:00 AM, Blogger WinSpin said…

    That place is beautiful ... Mom and I would like to visit there, say June, July and August. We will have to leave there by the middle of August. Do you have a place where I can take naps ... ?

    As far as the beautiful flowers and such, they remind me of a statement my 5-year-old daughter once made while looking at beautiful scenery in New Mexico. She said, "God sure did do a good job."

  • At Tue Jun 05, 02:53:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    Kent -- my neighbor thinks the yellow ones might be St. John's Wort. I knew the green stuff was hosta, I just didn't know how to spell it.

    Mimi -- nice to meet you!

  • At Wed Jun 06, 12:05:00 PM, Blogger Toppooch said…

    We've got the same thing going on up here in Colorado! Something new every day pops up in our front flower bed. LOTS of wildflowers. They kind of get on my nerves. There's no structure to the set up ... they are just everywhere and crazy and, well, WILD.

    And seasons ... we have seasons too! - Lesa

  • At Thu Jun 07, 05:26:00 PM, Blogger Keith Brenton said…

    Obviously, Spanky can read but does not speak English.

    Take in the "WELCOME" mat and Spanky will almost certainly leave you alone.

    Unless he smells fish in your house.


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