Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Free at Last

Today I took Jenna to Mothers Day Out for the first time. I was proud of myself for putting her in earlier than I did with Julia. (But I am enough of a weenie to only put her in one day a week. We'll probably both be ready for two by the fall.)

So I'm walking around Target today fighting back tears. I don't know why. She was so happy when I left her. Walking around, looking at toys. She'll be fine.

And for the first time in a long time, I have a day to myself. I have bathrooms that need cleaning and laundry to deal with. So what am I going to do today? What any other extraordinarily vain woman would do. I'm striping my hair.

I got a hair color kit where you dye it and then stripe it. I usually leave such adventurous appearance changes to the pros, but today I need something to distract me and keep both hands busy for a while. So striped hair, it is.


  • At Tue Jan 10, 09:41:00 AM, Blogger stuckinthe80s said…

    Funny -- Chad bought a hair-striping kit in Nashville.

  • At Tue Jan 10, 09:57:00 AM, Blogger Jacinda said…

    Don't you remember telling me a few weeks ago that it's good for us to have a day off every now & then? Enjoy!

  • At Tue Jan 10, 01:47:00 PM, Blogger janjanmom said…

    Enjoy the sorrow, this too shall pass- soon you will have that day planned down to the minute... you will kiss her and drop her off and be gone to your next adventure in a FLASH!

  • At Tue Jan 10, 04:05:00 PM, Blogger "Snapshot" said…

    So how did the hair turn out!

  • At Tue Jan 10, 08:35:00 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    janjanmom -- Oh, I know. I enjoyed four years of those days with my first. It's just been a while since I dropped one off for her first day. Five-and-a-half years, to be exact.

  • At Wed Jan 11, 09:19:00 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    I had the same issue when Alaina started right before she was 3. I was desperate! The preschool I've had the girls in has an 18 mo. waiting list. So I registered Alaina before Allie left, so I could use the sibling preference clause.

    Now. . .I'm used to it. Yesterday I slept the whole time (Serious insomnia problems), but usually Tuesdays is Bible study time and Thursday is scrapbooking day.

    Alaina loves it. . .except they have naptime. tehehe


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