Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rx from God?

The need here is just overwhelming. I saw a sign on my neighbor's mailbox that said "Welcome! We love you!" I figured they are keeping Katrina victims at their house. So I called and asked if I could bring them dinner or something. Turns out one woman is diabetic and needs insulin and her sister is on several medications for depression, etc. that she needs right away. They found out they had to leave on Saturday and couldn't get prescriptions refilled. The second woman is from Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, so who knows if her doctor's office is even still standing. So I called an elder from our church (who has a knack for getting ANYTHING for ANYONE at ANY TIME) and he's going to Walgreens to try to talk them into giving them these medications without a prescription. I think because of the nature of the prescriptions, this might even be illegal, but this woman HAS to have them. We really need God to intervene here!


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