Saturday, September 03, 2005

Really annoyed

Everything turned out OK for the people staying at my neighbor's house. Walgreen's pharmacy here was very helpful and both women had what they needed by the end of the day.

Here's what's getting to me. The website of the Baytown newspaper has a discussion forum, and we were all posting ways to help hurricane evacuees. I posted, a website where you can offer your home as shelter to storm victims. I'm sorry, but there are so many paranoid idiots in my town. You'll see what I mean if you go to this thread.


  • At Sat Sep 03, 07:41:00 AM, Blogger MDH said…

    I won't offer an excuse for his comments, but an attempt at an explanation. As a 911 dispatcher, I get a peek into the work of police, fire, and EMS workers. In the almost 5 years I've worked here, my respect for the JOB they do has grown. I emphasize JOB, because I have also learned that the folks doing these jobs are just...folks. Like any profession, there are good, great, average, and not quite average employees.

    I know that after answering thousands of calls, and hearing about things I never realized happened in our quiet little town, I have become somewhat pessimistic or cynical or "realistic" (his word) regarding the human nature of some of our fellow man. And I just talk to them. Luckily I don't see with my eyes what some cops, paramedics, and firefighters see with theirs.

    Again not an excuse...just a possible explanation.

  • At Sat Sep 03, 10:25:00 AM, Blogger Deana Nall said…

    I've seen the news reports about the gangs in New Orleans, and I know that when you're helping people, you always need to be careful.

    I just hope that if a Katrina ever comes our way, and I'm wandering the streets with my hungry young children, that people won't turn me away because, for all they know, I could be a crack addict.


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