Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ships Happen

One of the things I really love about living here is that sometimes, when it's very early in the morning and quiet, we can hear ships blowing their horns in the Houston Ship Channel. Having been a resident of Abilene, TX, for eight years, I never dreamed I could be lying in bed and hear a ship go by. And at our church, one way we get the kids calmed down if they're upset in the nursery is to take them over to the window and show them the ships. How cool is that?! In Abilene it was more like, "See the mesquite tree? Wow! God made that mesquite tree!" The kids always seemed rather unimpressed.


  • At Thu Jan 06, 09:36:00 AM, Blogger WinniePhew said…

    I love the ship sounds too...being raised in Beaumont TX, I could hear the tug boats and the ships communicating as they navigated the Neches River ship channel.
    One summer day in Abilene, I went out to play golf. There was little or no grass on the fairways. I only had one ball so did not want to lose it.
    I hit my first drive from the #1 tee box. The ball did not fly into the air; rather it took off rolling on the ground. Since the ground was hard and had no grass, the ball could really roll. I watched as the ball reached about 150 feet then disappeared. I wondered why I could no longer see the ball. When reached the spot where I thought the ball might be, I discovered a crack in the earth. I mean, a two inch crack that had no discernible bottom. The crack ran the entire width of the fairway. My only golf ball had fallen to the center of the earth. My golf game was cut short.
    See what memories your blog postings bring to mind?


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