Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Throwing It All Away

I'm so grossed out that I don't know if I can even write about this. But I'll try.

Every year I like to make Christmas cookies for the other ministers at church, my child's teachers, the children's librarian and the people at the local newspaper who are nice enough to let me write for them. I end up making 10 or so dozen cookies so it is not a small job.

Anyway, yesterday I had baked two batches of Chocolate Bliss cookies. All 37 cookies were laying out all over the kitchen counters cooling. About a half-hour after the last batch came out, I went back into the kitchen to put them in containers. I'm sort of a germ freak and went to the sink to wash my hands and there was a ROACH THE SIZE OF AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER in the sink! People who know me know that I have a worse-than-average aversion to these creatures. I HATE them. I don't know why God created them. Nothing, absolutely nothing, disgusts me more.

So there it is in the sink, I'm freaking out, which causes my 5-year-old to start crying. She then barricaded herself in my room, blocking the door with "Moby Dick" and a Thesaurus so "it can't get me." The thing (I hate even saying/typing its name) is at least staying in the sink, but the thought occured to me: "How did it get to the sink? Was it on the counters...did it CRAWL ACROSS THE COOKIES??!!"

So Chad gets home, takes care of the thing (I will not deal with them -- dead or alive) and I'm throwing away 37 Chocolate Bliss cookies that took me a couple of hours to make yesterday. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make cookies when you're home alone with a 3-month-old??

I bought more stuff to make the cookies this morning. (That Baker's chocolate ain't cheap.) Those of you who receive cookies from us every year, please know that these unwelcome visitors to our house are quite rare -- especially this time of year -- and you will be getting uncontaminated cookies. I'm still so mad, though!!! Chad is from Alaska and has always told me that one nice thing about Alaska is there are no small insects like this that invade houses. Incidents like yesterday's really get me thinking about moving up there! Seriously!


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