Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out of the Closet

I've lived with the shame for some time now. I knew it was time to get it out there for the world to see. For at least the past year, I've had a walk-in closet into which I cannot walk.

Just look. My laundry hamper can't even sit level. I suspect there are shoes underneath it.

So today, I dragged it all out. Every. Single. Thing. It all came out of my closet. 

While I was in there, I ran across an old friend. I knew he was in the closet. I hide him from my children in there. It's......Darth Vader. My Darth Vader action figure carrying case I've had since I was a kid. Let's take a look inside.Impressive, huh?

I also ran across a few magazines that have my articles in them.

Finally, my closet was completely empty.And guess what I found? An electrical outlet. Never knew it was there. And we've lived in this house almost three years.

Now, I like to think of myself as a somewhat intelligent woman. I read. I appreciate the fine arts. But let me tell you something...

...I love clothes. Oh, my holy goodness, how I love clothes.

And shoes. That's my laundry hamper full of my shoes. I truly didn't realize I had that many.

I found my "I'm due in January!" T-shirt from my pregnancy with Julia. She's almost 11. Keeping it.

My mother's Guatemalan skirt. She bought it when she was a teenager in Panama. It's beautiful, but because my mom was just a teensy little thing back then, I can't wear it. But I'm keeping it.

Who does this to hangers? And why? And why do we have one? I got rid of the hanger (but I kept what was hanging on it.)This is my ACU shirt that I had to wear when I worked there in the late '90s. I have no need for it now. It's gone.

The beautiful Chinese gown given to me by my sweet friends Serene Goh and Bernadette Lee at my bridal shower in college. This gown has moved all over Texas with us and now to Arkansas and I will never part with it. Ever.

My floral-print Zena jeans from 9th grade. That I can still fit into. I wear them every time I need to dress up as someone from the '80s for a party. Which has been twice in the past year. Keeping them.

Three hours and four Gilmore Girls episodes later, I was done and my closet looked like this:

I got rid of piles of stuff. And I found clothes I had forgotten about. Which is like getting new clothes for free. I feel like a new woman.

Next up: The crap closet. I mean the craft closet.


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