Friday, December 04, 2009


Here’s what’s been going on with me lately:

- My parents moved here in August. They keep our kids overnight for free. My mom gives me her extra coupons. Life is pretty sweet.

- Chad’s mom moved here a couple of weeks ago. That situation is going to be somewhat more demanding of us, but we can do it.

- I went to Dallas in October and saw U2 with my bff Carol and her husband Patrick. I haven’t blogged about it because I don’t even know how to write about how great it was. Seeing U2 was in the top three of my bucket list. So after I write an award-winning novel and go bobsledding with the U.S. Bobsled Team, I can pretty much die happy. My only disappointment with the concert is that Bono didn’t propose to me. And I was counting on him to. I think he was waiting for a more intimate moment. Or it could be that we’re both married to other people and he doesn’t know I exist. But I’m trying to stay positive.

- Speaking of writing novels, I’ve been working on one for the past several months. Good writers don’t divulge too much about their works-in-progress, so if you want to know what it’s about, come to the book-signing.

- I've taken some time away from being involved in Chad's youth ministry. I kept getting signs that maybe I shouldn't be involved in it. This was very strange to me, especially since I thrived in it at our old church. I've really missed being around the kids. They IM me on Facebook and tell me they miss me. I'm thinking of easing back into it. We'll see how it goes.

- My depression is at bay for now. I spent most of this year getting my mind around some circumstances I once thought I couldn’t live with. With the help of old and new friends and with the unwavering support of my husband, I’m almost OK. Just do me a favor. If you ever see a sign outside a church that says “WE’RE TOO BLESSED TO BE DEPRESSED!”, go to Sam’s, buy however many dozens of eggs you want, and (at night and wearing dark clothes) throw them all at the sign. Because whoever put that sign up is stupid. And you’re doing them a favor by letting them know that.

- I'm thinking about grad school. The thought of me getting a master's is exciting and overwhelming and downright scary all at the same time. Should I start this fall? When I'll have a new middle-schooler and a new kindergartener? Should I wait a year? Should I never do it and lie on my death bed at 80 (after the novel and bobsledding thing) and let my last words be "I should have gone to grad school."?

I'll get back to you on that.


  • At Fri Dec 04, 10:27:00 AM, Anonymous misty said…

    I've read your blog for several years, but never commented. I'm so glad that your doing better. I've suffered from mild depression since I was a teen, so I might know a little bit about what your going through. It's been a bit worse the past year, I had a baby 8 months ago and I'm pregnant again, and pregnancy tends to bring it out a little worse. I hope that you soon get to a point where you don't have to deal with this anymore.

  • At Fri Dec 04, 06:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Deana, I love your blog and thanks for the update.

    My husband and I moved my dad closer to us 3 years ago. (He is 86, has Alzheimers and is in assisted living.) We have really good help to take care of him, but it is very different doing it day to day instead of from a distance. I am very fortunate a) that my dad can afford high-quality care; b) that he does not make me feel guilty when I can't see him as often as I would like, and c) that I have a husband who is 100% supportive. Dealing with aging parents is hard. I know your folks and Chad's are not as old, but there are always issues that come up.

    The best advice I have for everyone who is getting used to having parents nearby, when they have been at a distance, is that you need some space for yourself. And, when you are caretaking for the elderly, remember it is a marathon not a sprint.

    Do not agree to do more than you CAN do.

    Okay, I'll get off that subject now.

    Grad school--in what? I think if you have an interest in grad school, and if you are able to do it, you should. Life is all about learning. If you ever stop learning, it is all over.

    And on the topic of doing something like this while you have little kids--easy for me to say, I don't have kids--I think there is no ideal time, but if you put it off too long then you will never get to do it.

    I'm looking to see you bobsledding anytime now! I know the novel is just around the corner!

    --Mary Lou in Charlotte

  • At Sat Dec 05, 05:55:00 PM, Blogger Nellie said…

    Glad to hear the depression is staying at bay. Loved your thoughts on the sign, and I TOTALLY agree!! :)

    Grad school - DO IT! There's never a perfect time. I look back now and wonder how in the world I did it, but I did it. The sooner you go back to school the easier it is. I waited too long. Might have considered going even further if I had started sooner. :)

    I am anxiously awaiting an invite to the book signing!!

  • At Sun Dec 06, 06:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said… don't me either but I have been reading your blog for several years...through Mike Cope's blog...I have commented on several occasions...I am 55 and beginning my Master's with my baby just going off to college...I agree with the other "commenter" do it now!!! There is never a good time...Depression sucks...(sounds like Master's material doesn't it) I read that depression follows folks that have creative imaginations...there you go...the trade off for being creative and wonderful...You are a blessing to many...and I have missed your posts...:)

  • At Wed Dec 09, 02:00:00 PM, Blogger Keith Brenton said…

    If eggs are not sufficient, I would recommend shotgun shells, delivered posthaste by the best-available police-registered double-barreled projectile-firing device.

    I thought about pursuing a Masters degree, but realized that I truly don't enjoy studying and get itchy every time I'm on a university campus.

    Welcome back.

  • At Sun Dec 13, 11:23:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    PLEASE listen to justin bieber and blog on his talent!!!!!!


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