Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In tha HOUSE

Jenna goes to free Baptist daycare (also known as VBS) for 2.5 hours this a.m., and I'm using the time to clean the house like a madwoman. Julia is going to help me. (She's still asleep and has no idea, the poor kid. HA HA) I was going to make a list to check off as I go, and I decided that going public with it would be more motivating. So today I'm going to see if I can:

empty all the trash
clean the bathrooms
clean the wood floors
sweep and mop the tile
fold some laundry
check Facebook a few times (might as well be realistic)

before I leave to get Jenna at 11:40.

UPDATE: I did everything but the wood floors. And folding laundry. Hey, I'm pacing myself.


  • At Thu Jun 18, 11:38:00 AM, Blogger WinSpin said…

    Hey! Look at it this way...the floors aren't going anywhere. They will be there when you get around to cleaning them...
    And the laundry? Hey, the laundry will fold itself...just give it a little more time...


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