Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The NeoTrio

Hey, if any of you live in Austin, go check out my brother's jazz trio this Saturday or next. Here's the info:

(My brother is Brian Hamby.)

The NeoTrio

Chris Bennett-Drums
Tim Knobloch-Guitar
Brian Hamby-Hammond Organ

Within the next 2 weeks there will be 2 opportunities to see The NeoTrio performing smokin' organ jazz:

1. Saturday April 30, 2005, 7-9 pm, Triumph Cafe, Spicewood Springs, Northwest Austin-reasonably priced Vietnamese food.

2. Saturday May 7, 2005, 7-10 pm, Texas Music Cafe, 1321 South Congress Avenue, South Austin-variety of upscale Texas friendly foods moderately priced. Watch The NeoTrio on the TMC patio, in an exciting new environment.

Upcoming Triumph Cafe dates: June 11 and July 30
Returning to Texas Music Cafe: June 4

Click here for map:

serenity to you,

"When I hear an accomplished pipe organist, I hear the crucifixion of Christ, I hear the cry of pain, of love and sacrifice."

"Jazz is a wholly different interpretation of the same feelings of oppression, of longing, of pain and spiritual yearning, experienced in our own time."

"First embraced by gospel music, then soul, rhythm and blues, blues, jazz and finally rock, jazz on the Hammond organ expresses a dramatic spirituality with a contemporary soul and groove.

"The Brian Hamby Organ trio, transcending the evangelical, seeks to reestablish jazz as a spiritual expression. The absence of words is powerful, inviting the stories of the listener as well as the performers and all that they represent. It's accessible, intimate, exciting and intense."

-Brian Hamby, Nov 2004


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