Thursday, April 14, 2005

Single-Momming It

Chad had to leave Tuesday to be with his mom and aunt in Lubbock while his grandmother is dying of cancer. Chad could really use your prayers while he's gone. This has been very hard on his mother's side of the family.

So this has left me at home with the girls this week. I made the decision to NOT get stressed while he's gone. I was doing OK until this morning, when I went to use the phone and I heard "Your line has been temporarily disconnected..." I had to go to Chad's office to call the phone people (he had to take the cell with him). Turns out our automatic draft had been discontinued without our knowing it. I was not real polite with the phone company guy. I think he was afraid of me. He kept talking to me in soft, timid tones -- the way you would talk to a tiger if it had cornered you.

Anyway, everything's OK now and I now have contact with the outside world.

Here's another prayer request: Michelle is a 2004 graduate of our youth group who got married last July. Their baby is due any moment now (yes, she got pregnant on their honeymoon). She will be having the baby at home with a mid-wife. She found out Tuesday that the baby is sunny-side up. The midwife said she can deliver the baby that way, but not without some pretty awful back labor. So Michelle is needing prayers for the baby to TURN. She is only 19 and a little on the scared side. Also, she's two weeks overdue so you might add in your prayer for the baby to not only turn but turn soon. If you ask Michelle, she'll say NOW would be fine!


  • At Thu Apr 14, 01:45:00 PM, Blogger elizabeth said…

    We are in the same boat this week. Bryon, bless his heart, had his annual meeting in Las Vegas and for the first time ever, they extended it from a 3 day to a 5 day seminar. I have been alone with the kids since Sunday! It makes me appreciate him so much! I think I need a mommy continuing education seminar on a deserted island somewhere!

  • At Thu Apr 14, 06:59:00 PM, Blogger Chad said…

    I love you more than you could ever know


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