Thursday, June 02, 2011

June. Bring it.

After years of thinking “I should get a professional website,” I finally got a professional website! World, meet I did it all by myself at Wordpress. The basics are there now, and I’ll be expanding it as inspiration allows.

My friend Judy has been in Rwanda for the past couple of weeks, teaching English in a public school. It’s been a fascinating journey and you can read about it here.

It’s the beginning of June, which means it’s getting hot outside, the girls are almost out of school, and I’m devouring another fabulous issue of Texas Monthly. This month features something I particularly love: a great rock ‘n’ roll story. The downside is that truly great rock ‘n’ roll stories don’t typically end well and Bill Haley’s story is no different. The man recorded what is considered by many to be the very first rock ‘n’ roll song (“Rock Around the Clock”), and he had a prolific music career after that song, but his life took the sadly predictable route of many rock legends. In 1981, he died lonely, broken and possibly mentally ill in Harlingen, Texas. Haley’s widow kept silent about him for decades after his death but finally opened up for this story, and it’s worth the read.

Something unique about the end of this school year: this baby girl is graduating from kindergarten. Jenna has never ceased to amaze us. Born after a string of devastating miscarriages, the girl hit the ground running and has never stopped. She is a blessing to us in so many ways.

Julia had a great first year of middle school. She loves being a percussionist, Quiz Bowl team captain (they came in 3rd out of 15 teams this year) and, judging from her diverse group of peers, she seems to be a friend to everyone. She has also recently become an official member of her dad’s youth group.

Here's a look at our summer: ACU Leadership camps (my favorite week of the year), horse camp for Julia, mission trip to New Orleans for Chad and Julia, Anime Blues Con in Memphis for Julia and me (this is a culture Julia has become part of that I don't quite understand, but I'm working on it. I hope going to Blues Con will help.), and a week on the Texas Gulf Coast for the four us for my birthday. If I have to turn 40, I might as well do it in one of my favorite places with my three favorite people.


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