Saturday, July 09, 2005

Off again

Tomorrow we are leaving for Kadesh at ACU, which is my favorite thing we do with the HS kids. I look forward to it all year! If you can't live without my Wednesday column this week, you can go to, click on "opinion" and select my name from the list of columnists.

This week at Kadesh we'll be talking about hope, which was the theme the first time I went to Kadesh as a camper in 1988. Back then, we had evening devos on the Ad Building steps because THERE WAS NO BIBLE BUILDING. That's how ancient I am.

Kadesh is very challenging on a spiritual level. We work with kids from other churches (we don't see much of our own youth group that week.) We have dealt with some pretty heavy stuff in the past. By Friday night, I am always emotionally and physically drained. But nothing we do is more rewarding.

Oh -- you should have seen me doing Kadesh last year SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT. My ankles swelled up like softballs from all the heat and walking. I called my doctor crying and saying, "I have old lady legs!" Traumatic at the time, but they're back to normal now.

Have a great week...


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