Friday, January 07, 2011

My Bathroom Saga

Over the past few years, I’ve been decorating my bathroom. I do these things gradually. I could never have my own decorating show on HGTV because it would turn into a years-long series just to do one room. So by the time we sell this place to move into a nursing home, it should be perfect. Anyway, here’s the story of my bathroom.

When we moved in, it was yellow. Which is great, because I like yellow. I had a yellow bathroom in our Baytown house. It’s warm and bright and makes me think of sunshine and lemon meringue pie. But after a while, I decided to break up the yellow a bit with some black. Like these candle holders and some other pieces I picked up here and there.

Then came the youth group garage sale last spring. Someone walked up with a box of donations and something caught my eye. “Is that Waverly toile?” Before the person could answer, I had jumped up, grabbed the roll of fabric and claimed it as my own. It was a remnant of toile that has made the rounds in the homes of several people at my church. And the very last bit of it was mine. It was an odd-shaped remnant, and my mom and I turned it into this:

But the story doesn’t end here. A few months later, my mom, a garage-saling guru, called me one Saturday morning. She was at a garage sale and had found a comforter, pillow shams, drapes and valances in the Waverly toile that Target sold for a while. In the very same toile print as my remnant. They had been in a woman’s guest bedroom that was never used. The woman wanted $20 for all of it. I put the curtain panels on my garden tub:

The comforter and valances are part of my bedroom project, which is still underway.

Here’s the vanity. I bought the “N” while shopping with my bff Carol in Waco last fall, the day after we went to the U2 concert in Dallas. (I almost yelled, “Carol, do you want a ‘P?’” across the store but stopped myself when I realized how it would sound. Now I wish I had.) The picture frames came from Target’s One Spot a few years ago and the black-and-white pics in them are of the girls on some of our Arkansas adventures.

So there's my made-over bathroom. The most important thing is that I can still sit in the bathtub and watch "16 and Pregnant" on the bedroom TV.


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