Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vanishing groceries

I really will get to Love of My Life #4 this week. I have to use Chad's laptop, which is only here in the evenings, so my time online is limited.

I was wondering if anyone has seen my red plum jam. I bought it at the store yesterday, came home, put everything up, and it's not here. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago with bananas. I've never had groceries disappear on me before (except in Abilene 8 or so years ago, when Chad and I found a carton of eggs in the trunk of the car a week after we bought them. Boy, they sure tasted funny after that.). So should I just start buying two of everything and hope I make it home with one of them???


  • At Tue Dec 06, 01:14:00 PM, Blogger "Snapshot" said…

    Your red plum jam and the bananas are at the home of the lost sock monster from the dryer. I'm wondering if I've ever heard of a red plum jam and banana recipe? Perhaps that lost sock monster was needing a little appetizer for a Christmas party!
    Thanks for your blog. I love reading it. It lightens my day by making me laugh. That's a wonderful gift to have. Thanks for sharing!

  • At Tue Dec 06, 01:41:00 PM, Blogger WinniePhew said…

    You know, I think I ate some of those eggs over at your place one day.

    And the missing food may come naturally ... I went for a hamburger "to go" one night in Abilene. It was for my roommate who was busy studying. There was only enough money for one hamburger and the money was his. When I got back to the dorm I couldn't find the hamburger. Returned to the cafe. They didn't have it. To this day I know not where the hamburger went.
    My roommate thinks I ate it but I know I didn't.
    Anyway, food has a way of vanishing.

    WinniePhew --

  • At Tue Dec 06, 03:04:00 PM, Blogger sarahdawn said…

    If you ever happen upon your jam, please let me know if you find a box of Splenda keeping it company. One "went missing" here many months ago. Now whenever something is missing we say it has gone "the way of the Splenda."

  • At Tue Dec 06, 04:29:00 PM, Blogger Paige Robins said…

    In my family, when something goes missing or something unexplainable happens, we say that George did it. So George must have gone to the grocery store while you were there. I'm sorry! I try to keep him on a short leash, but he's a crafty guy, that one!

  • At Tue Dec 06, 04:29:00 PM, Blogger Paige Robins said…

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  • At Tue Dec 06, 04:29:00 PM, Blogger Paige Robins said…

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  • At Tue Dec 06, 08:19:00 PM, Blogger elizabeth said…

    Today, I was at HEB, and I saw a woman pushing a cart to her car and a package of toilet paper on the ground that had fallen out of her cart. I yelled to her but she didn't hear me. I would have run after but I was wearing 3 inch heeled boots so what's a girl to do? I guess she will be in a simular quandry when she gets home!


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